Every household should have a written, fluid, financial plan. Most don't (82% don't, according to a 2019 Fidelity Retirement Mindset Study), but they should. Guessing, hoping, and giving credence to generic benchmarks are not best practices where finances are concerned. That said, creating a comprehensive financial plan that spans several decades, year by year, while accounting for specific needs, wants, and legal requirements (e.g. Income and Social Security taxation, required minimum distributions, account contribution limits, etc.), all within a reasonable degree of accuracy, is a complex task. To do this, and get it right, most people will need some help in the form of a true financial planning tool. The problem is finding one that's up to the task. Calculators ask just a few basic questions, rely on generic assumptions (which are erroneous, by the way), and omit essential information. They may be free, but they're neither accurate or helpful and you certainly can't rely on them. Even personal budgeting software is limited in its scope, and is not designed for this purpose. This is why The Complete Retirement Planner was created - to provide a better solution for reliable and thorough financial/retirement planning.

The Complete Retirement Planner combines advanced features and capabilities that are based on sound financial planning principles while still remaining flexible, intuitive and user friendly. It offers the means for anyone to easily create a comprehensive, completely individualized financial plan, providing detailed year by year results for both pre- and post-retirement. Extensive notes throughout the planner guide you through setup, and also provide clarity and direction on complex topics such as Health Care and Social Security. There's simply no other financial planning tool like it. Households from coast to coast now use it for their retirement planning, and we have every confidence that you will find it to be just as beneficial.

Thank You for your interest in The Complete Retirement Planner!

Drew Parker
Creator of The Complete Retirement Planner