Every household should have a written, fluid, financial plan, particularly for retirement. Most don't, but they should. Guessing, hoping, and using generic benchmarks to plan for your unique circumstances are not best practices where finances are concerned. That said, creating a comprehensive financial plan that spans several decades, year by year, and that accounts for specific needs, wants, and legal requirements (e.g. taxes, required distributions), all within a reasonable degree of accuracy, is a complex task. To do this, and get it right, most people will need some help in the form of a financial planning tool. This is where the real challenge begins.

Financial articles and blogs about retirement planning all like to recommend using retirement calculators, but I don't know how they do that with a straight face. Not only do they not have any of the capabilities listed above, but any financial tool that asks just a few questions, uses generic assumptions (that are erroneous, by the way), and omits essential personal information, is not helpful. They're misleading at best and dangerous at worst. I guess that's why they're free, but you certainly can't rely on them. There are also a handful of slightly more advanced "planners" (I use that term loosely) available, but they're overly complex and/or confusing to use, still don't account for essential variables, and are too costly for what they offer ($100 - $395!). Where's a person to turn for help?

I realized that this must be why 74% of households don't have any type of financial plan - they can't find the right tools to help them. The solution was to create a comprehensive planning tool with far more advanced features and capabilities - one that would provide an individualized, thorough, and accurate year by year plan. Fortunately, I had extensive experience building financial planning and forecasting tools for a Fortune 500 company.   I understood sound financial planning principles, and the importance of making sure that even a very complex tool still needs to be intuitive and user friendly. After many months of research, development, and innumerable, "But what about.....", questions that came from all those who tested it, The Complete Retirement Planner was finally ready!

The result is a better solution for financial/retirement planning, giving anyone the means to easily create a comprehensive, completely individualized, flexible, reliable, year by year plan. There's simply no other financial planning tool like it. Households from coast to coast now use it for their retirement planning, and I have every confidence that you will find it to be just as beneficial.

Thank You for your interest in The Complete Retirement Planner!

Drew Parker
Creator of The Complete Retirement Planner