TCRP was created in 2017 and quickly found national recognition as the most affordable, easy to use,
comprehensive financial planning tool available. It still is.

We do things a little differently since we do not advertise at all, allowing us to keep the cost of TCRP to a minimum (yes, that is why the price is so low!). Instead, we let TCRP speak for itself, clearly showing every page, note, and detailed result that is in the planner so that you can be sure that it will meet your needs before purchasing.
Having achieved the humbling success that we have without any type of advertising should speak volumes about
our product, and about our commitment to excellent customer service.

Our goal is not simply to grow the business or to be overly concerned with profits (that should be clear from the price, and that it has not changed in 3 years), but only to provide the means for anyone to easily create a comprehensive financial plan that will provide an accurate assessment of their current and future financial health.
We believe that the true value of a detailed financial plan, especially for retirement planning, can not be understated. TCRP makes that process as affordable and easy as possible, and it is why households in every state from coast
to coast use it for their financial/retirement planning.

I have every confidence that you will find it to be just as beneficial.

Thank You for your interest in The Complete Retirement Planner!

Drew Parker
Creator of The Complete Retirement Planner