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The Complete Retirement Planner (TCRP) - News

TCRP 2022 is our most comprehensive retirement planning tool to date, expanding on a long list of essential planning features not found in other planning tools.
Included are the most current tax laws, retirement account contribution limits, Medicare costs and I.R.S. divisors for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's).
Our ongoing commitment to providing a superior financial planning tool also means that we have not, and will not, raise the price of TCRP due to inflation!

Selected as one of the "Best Retirement Planning Tools" by U.S. News & World Report for 2021 and 2022!

New Customers - Please continue reading below to see a complete list of the unique features that TCRP has to offer.

Existing Customers - As always, you may upgrade to the most recent version of TCRP for only $12.99! Use Discount Code: TCRP2022 at checkout.
Thank You for your continued confidence in The Complete Retirement Planner!

TCRP Gift Cards are also available, and are the perfect way to help friends and family to plan for their financial future as well!

The Complete Retirement Planner

Regardless of your net worth or stage of life, creating a written financial plan is a crucial step in achieving financial security. Every respected source on
financial planning best practices will tell you this. Yet, ~80% of households have no such plan because they are unsure of how to create one that will
account for decades of financial variables. It's also virtually impossible to find a financial planning tool thorough enough to do it with reasonable accuracy.
That's why The Complete Retirement Planner (TCRP) was created.

TCRP allows anyone to easily create a comprehensive, individualized financial plan for both pre- and post-retirement. Based on the same financial planning
principles used by professional advisers, it accounts for important variables that other tools ignore. The result is a detailed year by year roadmap of your
financial future, eliminating the need to rely on guesses, assumptions, or generic benchmarks to determine how much to save for retirement, what your
savings withdrawal rate should be, or how long your savings may last. TCRP solves these riddles for you so that you can plan for retirement with confidence.

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How Does It Work?

The Complete Retirement Planner asks the essential questions needed to generate a precise, year by year forecast of your actual need.
Relying only on your personal information (not generic assumptions), it provides the most individualized and accurate results possible.
Considerable flexibility allows you to model what-if scenarios, plan for one-time events, and make all desired adjustments quickly and easily.

All expenses can be itemized and adjusted for different time periods, with the resulting annual totals listed year by year. Multiple income sources,
Traditional and Roth 401k/IRA contributions and investment return rates, employer contributions, and HSA contributions can all be entered
by spouse, by year. Social Security income (by spouse), HSA balances and distributions (by spouse), non-retirement and retirement savings
balances and distributions (each by spouse), Federal tax deductions, and Federal/State tax liability are also calculated for each year.

The result is a detailed and eye-opening picture of your financial future showing how much you will be able to save before retirement, how your savings
and income compare to your actual need, and how long your savings will ultimately last during retirement.

It's important to note that all of your information remains completely within your control. TCRP is a digital download that you save to your computer so that
only you have access to it. For ease of use, it operates using Microsoft Excel, for either PCs or Macs. Please note - a full version of Excel (2013 or later) is required.
TCRP will not work with iPads, free online versions of Excel, or other Excel "apps" (e.g., Numbers, Google Sheets) as they do not support all necessary Excel functions.
TCRP is updated annually with any tax law changes and feature improvements, and existing customers may purchase updated versions for only $12.99.

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Why Is It Called The "Complete" Retirement Planner?

TCRP is a unique financial planning tool that incorporates technical and educational features that simply won't be found elsewhere.
• Interview style questions, with explanatory notes, easily guide you through the set-up, providing an unparalleled ease of use.
• Clear educational notes on complex topics (e.g., Medicare costs, tax laws, Social Security) help to inform you.
• Flexibility in entering variable income, expenses, investment returns, savings, and one time events allows for individual needs.
• Critical variables that are often ignored by other planning tools, but have a big impact on results, are accounted for (listed below).
• A high level of clarity and detail in the results provides transparency into how it all works from start to finish, making it truly "complete".

These are the combined features that set TCRP apart from all other financial planning tools:
• Entries by spouse (if married) for: multiple sources of annual income (taxable and non-taxable), non-retirement cash/investment savings balances and
expected interest/return rates for before and after retirement, retirement savings balances/contributions/annual return rates, HSA balance and contributions,
desired retirement age and Social Security claiming age. Entering this information by spouse provides a great deal of flexibility and is essential for accuracy!

The ability to itemize current and future expenses, and how those amounts may change over different time frames. This determines actual need, by year.
For greater accuracy, fixed expenses (e.g., mortgage principal, auto loans) are not inflation adjusted! This detail is significant.

• If you own a home (or two), annual tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes are calculated automatically. Specify if either mortgage
will be paid off early, or either house sold, to automatically adjust your total expenses and deductions from that year forward. If desired, use the net proceeds
from a home sale to help pay future expenses. Mortgage information for future home purchases may also be entered.

• Easily model Sequence of Returns Risk for retirement savings by entering varying investment return rates, by year, by spouse. Most planning tools use the same
rate of return for every year, which can easily produce unrealistic and misleading results.
Please see our Blog posts, Why "Sequence Of Returns" Matters, and,
Using The Same Return Rate For All Years Of A Financial Plan May Inflate Your Results By 30%, to better understand why using varying return rates is so important.

Social Security benefits, including spousal benefits (if married), survivor benefits (if desired), and annual Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA's) are calculated
for each year starting with your chosen claiming age(s). Enter different claiming ages, by spouse, to instantly see the long-term impact on your
total retirement results, and to optimize your Social Security income!

• To assist with understanding Social Security claiming options, there's a built in Social Security calculator. Educational notes provide an overview of common
benefit options, and the calculator quickly models monthly and lifetime benefit results, by spouse, by claiming age.

• If married, a life expectancy age may be entered for either spouse, with the surviving spouse's Social Security income and Federal tax filing status automatically
recalculating as of that age. It is important to be aware of the impact these changes may have on the surviving spouse's long-term results.

•  Federal taxes on income, taxable distributions, and Social Security (different tax laws) are calculated by year rather than using a single rate for all years/income types.
An effective rate for State income tax may also be entered, along with tax deductions for mortgage interest, real estate taxes, State income/sales tax, charity,
and medical costs, completing the picture of total tax liability. This is crucial, as taxes can have a significant impact on how long your savings may last.

• Help with estimating health care costs in retirement, with those costs automatically adjusting at a yearly inflation rate unique to health care.
(Projections are from the U.S. Department Of The Actuary). No other planning tool does this, and it has a huge effect on results.

• Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's) are calculated automatically, year by year, by spouse, using the I.R.S. divisor schedule.

• In any year that net income is greater than expenses 25% of the excess is saved and applied to future expenses. If desired, this % may be increased to
help regulate any potential "lost" income. In any year that RMD's are greater than actual need, 85% of the excess is saved and applied to future expenses.
These "automatic savings" help to delay Roth IRA/401k distributions, increasing those savings over time.

Distributions from retirement savings are specified by spouse, and are based on actual need. Each spouse may specify the age to start distributions
(between ages 55 and 72) to help with early retirement or to delay distributions and taxes by using only non-retirement savings during those years. Net distribution
amounts account for any expenses not paid by income, as well as the tax liability on the distribution. This is essential, but it's a point that other planning tools ignore.

Roth Conversions can easily be entered for either spouse, by year, with the tax liability automatically accounted for.

• Order Of Funds Used - Expenses are paid from income first, then from a proportional mix of available non-retirement savings and Traditional 401k/IRA's, and,
finally, from Roth 401k/IRA's. Cash equal to 2 years future expenses (minus income for those years) is held in reserve to protect against having to sell investments
at an inopportune time, or during a market downturn. This hybrid approach helps maintain liquidity, reduce RMD's and their tax liability, and allows Roth IRA's
more time to grow. Savings last longer and tax liability is less than if only one fund type was exhausted at a time.

• The ability to enter expected/unexpected one-time events (additions or subtractions) that significantly impact retirement savings. Positive amounts may be
assigned to either spouse's non-retirement cash or investment savings to take advantage of those respective interest or investment return rates.

• Results for each spouse are shown, by year, for: taxable income, non-taxable income, Social Security income, non-retirement savings balance/distribution,
401k/IRA savings balance/contribution/distribution/investment return rate, Roth 401k/IRA savings balance/contribution/distribution, and HSA balance/contribution.

Total combined results (single or married) are shown, by year, for: gross taxable income, Federal/State tax liability, Federal tax deductions, income available to
pay expenses, total expenses, non-retirement savings balance and distribution, retirement savings balance and distribution, 401k/IRA distribution % of total savings,
and HSA balance and distribution.

How's that for complete? There's simply no other financial planning tool like The Complete Retirement Planner!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive financial planning tool that allows anyone to easily create a detailed, thorough, and reliable
financial plan for pre- and/or post-retirement. While no plan can account for every possibility, or accurately predict the future, we believe
that the need-based philosophy and individualized detail incorporated into this planning tool will come as close as possible to that goal.

In addition, TCRP must always remain affordable for everyone and represent an exceptional value. Priced at only $89.99, we're confident
that this represents an unparalleled value for a professionally designed financial planning tool with such advanced capabilities.
We encourage you to compare its extensive features to any other planning tool that you can find at double, or even triple, the cost.
You can even compare the information this planner provides to financial plans costing thousands of dollars from professional advisers.
We are committed to providing the best possible retirement planning tool, at the best possible price. It's that simple.

With The Complete Retirement Planner, there's no need to be a part of "the 80%" any longer!
Stop guessing, start planning, and retire with confidence!


"What an excellent planning tool! The more I work with it the more I appreciate the built-in functionality and guidance.
And all that for a cost that would not even buy me 20 minutes with a financial planner!"     A.B. Kenosha, WI

"I have been looking for detailed retirement software like this for a while now - I love it!"      C.D., Broomfield, CO

"This planner is excellent, and you include several elements that many planners do not."     F.B., Boise, ID

"This planner is very helpful in my planning efforts. I would say it is the best I’ve seen."     K.N.,   Grand Rapids, MI

"Great program, especially as I work with it and learn all that it is capable of! So nice to be able to adjust it on your own
and not have to go back and forth to a planner (and pay the money!)"      P.B., Peoria, IL

"Thank you! I am a CPA and this is an excellent tool!"     M.R., Glastonberry, CT

"Great product, easy to use and learn. Very happy with this purchase."     R.T., Cliffside Park, NJ

"TCRP really offers good value for the money - I even referred all my in-laws!"     J.L, Fort Myers, FL

"Brilliant! Thank you very much for creating this great tool. It is EXACTLY what I have been visualizing for years."     T.A., Easton, NH

"Love TCRP! - So easy to model different scenarios. It's a very powerful tool and worth far more than its cost.
A huge help in decision making, especially to see when I can retire comfortably."     P.J., Maple Valley, WA

"I've used Fidelity and Morgan Stanley planners, but this one is much better. Love doing multiple scenarios so easily!"     B.R., Lafayette, LA

"This product is fantastic and saves me a ton of aggravation and time!"     M.K., Oakland, CA

"The planner is pretty impressive. I like to see cold, hard facts and not educated guessing."     D.C., Baldwin, MO

"Easy to use and offers much more information than the planner I paid twice as much for. Live and learn."     P.M.,  Sierra Vista, AZ  

"This thing is AWESOME!  I have tried out a few online tools and have found them to be marginally useful.
This planner is unlike anything out in the market today. Great job!"     A.J., Seattle, WA

"Thank you for this planning tool. I'm very happy to have found something that feels much more comprehensive in calculating retirement costs."     M.N., Wauwatosa, WI

Also mentioned in U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, USA Today, MSN.com, BestLife Online Magazine, USA News Group,
GoBankingRates.com, Lifehacker.com, FitSmall Business.com, StudentLoanHero.com
, and the Quicken Loans Blog!

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