"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." ............ Ben Franklin
"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." ............ Ben Franklin
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  • The Complete Retirement Planner - When Will You Be Ready?

The Complete Retirement Planner

Creating a written retirement plan is a critical step in achieving financial security. Any financial adviser will tell you this, and nearly every financial article written about retirement planning recommends doing it as well. Yet, 89% of households have no written retirement plan, and 74% don't know their true need, or how to figure it out. Why? Not only is it easier said than done to properly account for decades of your financial variables, it's also virtually impossible to find a financial planning tool thorough enough to do it with reasonable accuracy. That's why the Complete Retirement Planner was created.

With satisfied customers from coast to coast, The Complete Retirement Planner provides the means for anyone to easily create a comprehensive, completely individualized, year by year retirement plan. It's based on the same financial planning principles used by professional advisers, but it's specifically designed for personal use. Stop guessing about how much to save, or how much income you may need. The Complete Retirement Planner makes it easy to figure out, so that you can prepare for retirement with confidence.

How Does It Work?

The Complete Retirement Planner asks the essential questions needed to generate a detailed, year by year forecast of your actual need, for both pre and post retirement. It relies only on the information that you provide (no generic assumptions or probability %'s that don't apply to you), so the results are as individualized, and accurate, as possible. It's flexibility allows you to try "what if" scenarios, set realistic goals, track your progress, and make adjustments quickly and easily.

It allows you to account for yearly variations in expenses, ordinary income, Social Security income, investment returns, Federal tax deductions, Federal tax liability, available cash (if desired), and necessary retirement savings distributions (by spouse, if married, to help manage separate accounts). Actual results for many categories may be entered after each year, automatically adjusting all future years, so that you don't hold an inaccurate plan, or have to start over each time.

The result is a year by year financial road map showing how much you will be able to save before retirement, how that compares to what you will actually need, and how long that will last during retirement.

It's important to note that all of your information remains completely within your control. The planner is a digital download that you save to your computer so that only you have access to it. For ease of use, it operates using Microsoft Excel, a common program on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices (unfortunately, it will not work on iPads, as they do not support the use of Excel macros, used for navigational features). The planner is updated annually with any changes to the Federal tax laws, as well as general improvements. The updated version is available to existing customers for only $8.99 (this is optional).

Why Is It Called The "Complete" Retirement Planner?

The thoroughness of this planner is unique, incorporating technical and educational features that simply won't be found elsewhere.

• Interview style questions, with explanatory notes, easily guide you through the set up, providing an unparalleled ease of use.
• Clear educational notes on complex topics (e.g. Medicare costs, tax laws, Social Security) help to inform you.  
• Flexibility in entering variable income, expenses, investment returns, savings, and one time events allows for individual needs.
• Essential variables that are often ignored by other planning tools, but have a big impact on results, are accounted for (see below).
• A high level of clarity and detail in the results provides transparency into how it all works from start to finish, making it truly "complete".

The following are some of the specific features that set this retirement planner apart from all others:

• If married, there are separate entries by spouse for retirement dates, income, Social Security, investment returns, savings contributions and balances. If a planner doesn't offer this, it won't be accurate!

• If you own a home (or two), annual tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes are calculated automatically. You can even specify if either mortgage will be paid off early, or either property sold, automatically adjusting your total expenses and deductions from that year forward. You have the option to use the net proceeds from a sale to help pay future expenses.

Federal tax calculations account for ordinary income, retirement distributions, and Social Security income (all are taxed differently), and any repeatable tax deductions (mortgage interest, real estate taxes, State income/sales tax, charity, medical, etc.). This is critical!

• For those with children, there's a built in college savings calculator that specifies the amount needed to save, per month, per year, per child. It accounts for the costs of different types of institutions, the amount of student loans allowed, estimated financial aid, and invested savings vs. regular savings. This is an awesome tool all by itself! Download it for free by clicking on the "Buy Now" button above.

• Help with estimating health care costs in retirement, with those costs adjusting at a yearly inflation rate unique to health care (based on projections from the U.S. Department Of The Actuary). No other planner does this, and it has a huge effect on results.

• The ability to itemize both current and expected retirement expenses, and to specify varying time frames for each expense. This determines your actual need, by year. For even greater accuracy, fixed expenses are not inflation adjusted. Attention to detail matters.

• The option to use cash savings/Roth IRA's to pay expenses before  using taxable retirement savings (delay taxes as long as possible!).

• In any year that net income is greater than expenses, 25% of the excess is saved, and applied to future expenses. Starting at age 70, in any year that Required Minimum Distributions from retirement savings are greater than actual need, 50% of the excess is saved, and applied to future expenses. These "automatic savings" delay retirement savings distributions (and taxes!).

• If married, distributions from retirement savings are specified by spouse, and are based on actual need. All distributions account for tax liability so that each distribution covers expenses and the taxes owed on it. Again, this is critical, but it's a point most planners miss.

• The ability to enter expected (unexpected?) one time events (additions or subtractions) that significantly impact retirement savings.

Results for each spouse are shown, by year, for: ordinary income, retirement savings contributions, investment return rates, retirement savings distributions, retirement savings balances, Social Security income, and cash/Roth IRA savings used to pay expenses.

Total combined results (single or married) are shown, by year, for: total income, taxable income, income and cash/Roth IRA available to pay expenses, total expenses, retirement savings distributions, Federal tax deductions, Federal tax liability, and total retirement savings.

How's that for complete?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible means for anyone to easily create an informative, thorough, and reliable retirement plan. While it's impossible for any planning tool to account for every single situation, or to reliably predict the future, we believe that the need based philosophy incorporated into this planner will get you as close as possible to that goal.

Of course, "the best possible means" also requires the cost of this planner to be outstanding. Priced at only $49.99,  we're confident that this amount represents an unprecedented value for a professionally designed financial planning tool with these advanced capabilities. We encourage you to compare its features to any other retirement planner you can find at double, triple, or even quadruple the cost.  We are committed to providing the best possible retirement planner, at the best possible price. It's that simple.

There's no need to be a part of the 74% any longer - get started with the Complete Retirement Planner today!


"This thing is AWESOME!  I have tried out a few online tools and have found them to be marginally useful - they don't take into consideration fluctuations in earning, spending and saving expectations, and only tell me to save more. This tool is unlike anything out in the market today. Great job!"     A.J.,   Seattle, WA

"I bought the planner and it's pretty cool. Thank you for all the work that went into developing this!"    A.W.,  San Francisco, CA

"Very professional, with a user friendly platform. I needed this."     A.F.,   Charlevoix, MI

"I really like the tool and have recommended to my work colleagues."     K.V.,  Evergreen, CO

"This planner is informative, user-friendly, and the consummate guide that captures pivotal variables that I would have overlooked.      This in itself is worth the price of admission."     G.P.,   Kingston, R.I.

"I really like the planner, thank you !"     B.H.,   Lexington, KY

"Easy to use, and love the year by year results. Distributions by spouse really helps, too. Gave me much more information than the planner I paid twice as much for. Live and learn."     P.M.,   Sierra Vista, AZ

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