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When Should You Start Planning For Retirement?

Any professional financial adviser will tell you what you've already heard elsewhere a thousand times - start saving as early on in your career as possible. Save as much as you can, invest it wisely, and do both consistently. This is, of course, to help you to be financially responsible, and to develop financial security for the future. While this is great advice, it is missing an essential piece. Along with saving and investing, you need to create a financial retirement plan to compliment those efforts. After all, part of what you're saving for is retirement! A retirement plan is...

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What A Big Difference A Small Change In An Inflation Rate Makes

One component that all financial planning tools (even calculators) have in common is that they use an inflation rate as a factor. Some allow you to enter a rate, some assume a rate for you. But how much of a difference does that rate really make in the grand scheme of things? The short answer, it makes a significant difference.Financial advisers often suggest using an inflation rate of 3%. I've seen calculators that assume a rate of 4%. The historical rate, over the past 20 years, is approximately 2.15%. So what rate should you use, and how much difference does...

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Retirement Planning, And The 2018 Tax Laws

Whatever you may think about the new tax laws, there may be a couple of advantages for retirement planners to take note of. Some of the changes are slated to end after 8 years, but until that actually happens (maybe it will, maybe it won't?), this is what I have noticed:       • As you know, if you itemize a tax deduction for mortgage interest, the deduction becomes less and less each year as you pay off the mortgage. However, the new, and larger, Standard Deduction may help to offset that loss in deductions in the later stages of the mortgage...

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